How can you tell to a child that he won’t say goodbye to his father before his death? His father is in isolation, he’s about to die, and none is admitted at his deathbed, according to the emergency law.

We need to do something, like giving isolation kit to his relatives. We need to stay human.

I hope my friend Piero is right. This is an experience that happens once in a generation. The fear of reaching a huge level of population density in our city, combined with possibility of travelling around the world in a few hour just look certain to be repeated.

When we are together, we affirm and support each other. In our society that asks people to split up, we are the ones that are asked to stay together.

Nervousness makes beasts our kindest colleagues. On the edge.

It will be fine. It’s good to read it somewhere. There are lots of post-its in the whole hospital.

I was living in NY during the 09/11. I’m living like dèjà vu.

In my job there is pure adrenaline, that adrenaline rush of emergency, of serious matters, of trying to save a life. In this outbreak there is not. There is fear (what if I get it? What if I infect my beloved ones? What if I infect weaker patients?) and sence of inadequacy. Hematologists become internists, internists become emergency doctors, the emergency ones become intensivists.

Usually, I like so much the city of Milan in this period of the year. Trees are flourishing and there’s spring energy in the air.
Now I don’t care about it when I have to go to hospital.

I thought it was a little more than a flu. It could be, if we protect elders and slow the outbreak.

When you’re working in a hospital room you must be concentrated the most and don’t make any mistake. A little distraction is enough to break the isolation. It’s like when you’re in a lab and you’re managing radioactive. Left hand must know what right is doing.

It’s a new situation, but I studied. Pathophysiology, general pathology and physiology. I have a plan. And by following it, I will overcome obstacles of science and conscience.

You have to make other patients understand that you have time for them too, that there are not only these interstitial pneumonias, that they’re still important for you.

It’s good to feel love of many. It’s important.

It’s good to come back home every evening, but it’s difficult to tell all these things.

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